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Agriculture in Southern Vietnam has developed quickly in the past decade, with appreciable increase in the production of rice, corn, vegetables, etc.  However, their production costs are higher than world averages, thus not competitive for export, or exported with much less profit for farmers.

One measure to reduce production costs is use of efficient equipment to alleviate the work drudgery, and enhance the product uniformity and quality.  In another word, to use mechanical energy and renewable energy to replace muscle energy is whenever necessary. It sounds simple in principle, but in practice it is more complex, and requires lots and experimental and developmental works from different agencies.

Functions and research areas

The Center for Agricultural Energy and Machinery of the Nong Lam University (NLU) - Ho Chi Minh City was founded in 2001, with the mandate of research and development to serve the agricultural production in three main areas:

a)      Energy in agriculture, with the focus on renewable energy;

b)      Agricultural machinery for field and farmstead production; and

c)      Agricultural and food processing machinery.

In each field, activities are getting started with researches in the laboratory on the pattern machines, then conduct experiments at local sites. Lastly, transfer the equipment and technologies (including training activities) to the ones who are in the need of.

Besides, interest is also on machinery for serving new areas such as biotechnology, environmental technology, automation, etc. Concurrently, CAEM staff is also joining in teaching some relevant ologies at the NLU faculties.

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