- Capacity range: 10 kg/batch -  2 tons/batch

- Dried banana product ensures requirements of quality and food safety standards.

- Low purchase price and low drying cost.

- Simple and easy operation.

- Holding capacities: 2, 4, 8, 16, 20, 25, & up to 35 tons/batch.
- Thickness of cassava slices required:10 - 30 mm.
- Drying time: 25 hours/batch.
- Low investment cost, and lowest cost of drying





The CAEM automatic rice husk-fed furnace used for drying systems.


A maize processing and drying system line for seed purposes is self-contained from the loading stage to the packaging stage, which was set up and transferred to a maize seed trading and producing company in Laos PDR.

The Rice Seed Processing and Drying System Line is self-contained from loading stage to balancing (for weight of rice), drying, unloading, cleaning & grading, and automatic packaging stage.


The CAEM rotary drum dryer was applied to dry the drying materials such as microorganism fertilizer, sand,...


The CAEM dryer for aquatic products (shrim, fish, etc.) with many holding capacities. 


The peanut SRA dryers with holding capacity range from 0.5 ton/batch to 10 tons/batch, operats based on the principle of drying air-reversal, NO MIXING/TURNING OF PEANUT IS NEEDED during the drying process.


The CAEM pepper dryers with popular capacity range from 0.5 ton to 5 tons/batch, are being coupled with an indirect woodchip furnace (using a calorifer/heat exchanger). The dried pepper from the dryers is clean and meets client's requirements.  


The SRA dryer for rice seed.


The CAEM reversible airflow flatbed dryers for COMMERCIAL RICE without mixing/turning rice in the drying process: collapsible type. Capacity range is from 2 tons/batch to 10 tons/batch.


The NLU 500 kg/batch pepper dryer with indirect woodchip furnace coupled with an heat exchanger.


The CAEM sausage dryer.


The CAEM SRA dryers for WHOLE COFFEE. 


The CAEM dryer for poultry feed.

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