Nguyen-Van-Hung,   Tran-Van-Tuan, Pyseth Meas, Caesar Joventino M. Tado, Myo Aung Kyaw, & Martin Gummert


Plant Production Science
ISSN: 1343-943X (Print) 1349-1008 (Online) Journal homepage:



This research developed a computer-based simulation model applicable for conventional and reversible airflow flatbed dryers, which can be used to predict the optimized time for mixing paddy (for the conventional flatbed dryer) and reversing the drying air (for the reversible air flatbed dryer). The developed software has the ability of simulating the paddy moisture content and temperature based on the input parameters of ambient (temperature and relative humidity) and drying air (temperature and airflow rate), dimensions of the dryers, and input grain properties and weight.   

This paper reviews the utilization of rice straw in the world, including the production and properties of straw, different equipment for gathering and processing of straw, as related to costs in handling operations, various methods of using straw--from simple ways such as cattle feeding or organic fertilizers, to more sophisticated ways in electrical power generation or paper industry.  Straw utilization in Vietnam is presented in parallel, with emphasis on identifying problems to be studied and verified versus other results in the world.


Key-words: Rice straw; straw equipment; straw baler; straw utilization; Vietnam

In the September of 2018, under the BMZ-funded IRRI Rice straw management project, the IRRI-Vietnam Office (IVO) coordinating with Tien Giang University, and HCMC Nong Lam University co-hosted a Field-demonstration of rice straw-based compost turner and a Write-shop on outlining a book entitled "Sustainable rice straw management", in Tan Phuoc district and My Tho city of Tien Giang province, respectively.

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